I was thinking this morning over everything I’ve written and talked about with others, all that I’ve read this last week or two, and all that Jesus has shown me of himself.

I was thinking about “This day,” that the bread of life is given for this day and all my needs and the needs of others. I was thinking that today is the most important day of my life, today is the only day that matters, and that today I must hear his voice and enter his rest.

I was thinking about receiving someone, not something. How the bread of heaven is Jesus himself, given to us by the Father.

And then it hit me so powerfully again. When Jesus said that he came that we might have life in all it’s fullness, he wasn’t talking about coming, giving something and then leaving us with a thing. He seriously meant that he would come, that he would give us himself, because he is Life, and that he would stay and make his home in us. I know we “know” that, but do we really know it? Jesus longs for us to know it, not through intellectual deduction but through true spiritual experience.

If we live with a sense of separation from him, as if he’s giving us things from a far off distant place somewhere, then we have missed what Jesus himself said and who he is. We have missed his purpose and plan for all of us. His emphasis that the Father had sent the real bread from heaven couldn’t be clearer. We may well have eaten a lot of “bread,” which is not the true bread of heaven, over time. There is only one true bread from heaven. A quote I read says this:

The Bread of Life is the life of the ages. It existed before man was created. It is the only life God knows, for God is Life.

The Father has no other life to offer other than The Life, found in Jesus, the bread of heaven. Everything else that we eat which is not him is a pale imitation, a fake, compared to the Life that is Jesus. It’s why today is always so important, it’s why receiving “this day our daily bread” is so essential as followers of Jesus. When you look at it, there is either Life or there is no life. There is bread, or there is the true Bread. Jesus offers himself to us. Let’s receive him again today and eat of the true bread of heaven, in whom is Life.

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