Collateral Impact (2)

Collateral Impact (2)

As you will know, the story of Jesus and the woman at the well (found in the bible, John 4) is central to what happens with the people Father draws to us.

Some time ago I mentioned my friend Claire in the posts “Collateral Impact” and “The John 4 Effect” (click links to read.) I’ve known Claire since around February/March time, and in that time a lot has taken place. It would be an understatement to say that in recent months Claire has had a rough time. But she has come through that and out the other side so to speak.

Very early on in our discussions about God, Claire mentioned how she saw God, as she perceived him at that moment. As a bus driver!

And this has been Claire’s thing since that time. We regularly talk about the bus driver, the bus, and how we’re on the bus and that we needn’t (nor shouldn’t) get off the bus. There was a great moment a couple of weeks back when I told her what had happened with Bill, and she messaged back “Oh my bus driver!” I loved that. It was intentional and revealed where she is in her journey. Something that I like about Claire is that she holds to this fully, it’s the bus driver or nothing.

Maybe to some, God is distant, difficult to relate to. Perhaps he is like a puppet master and we are the puppets.

To Claire he is the bus driver, who keeps her safe on the bus, and who is the one doing the driving on her journey and taking her where she needs to go. That works for me! So when we talk, we talk about the bus driver. She understands him like that. She can see him in her mind, driving the bus. She even pictures where she is sitting on the bus! It helps her focus.

Claire has been attending a group recently which has been so helpful for her. And then last week, I got a message to say:

“I’ve explained to a lad in the group about the bus driver. He gets it. He might well get on at some point. I will wait to see what he wants to do.”

This is what I spoke of happening in those posts I mentioned above, particularly the John 4 Effect. Claire is now sharing her understanding of God as she knows him. And people are responding. Much like the woman at the well saying, “Come see a man”, Claire is sharing her message of the bus driver.

And then yesterday I receive another message to say that Claire’s spoken with Tina who we’re both in contact with, and that Claire’s explained the bus to Tina as well. And I received a message from Tina to say she had a chat with Claire in the afternoon and they are both back on Claire’s bus. To which I replied, “It’s your bus too if you’re on it!”

And then I have another message from Claire to say:

“We have a new passenger. His name is John (name changed) and he’s in my group. He is lovely. Had an awful time.

He’s on the back seat. Looking out the window. We are all on the right hand side.”

Claire explained to me that her, Jean (who I mentioned a while ago in Celebration of Life), and Tina are all morphed into one. I see this as them being connected, which they are, even though Jean has never met Claire or Tina. There’s me on there too, which is good to know! And the bus driver looks like Buster Merryfield!! (Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses). And the bus is yellow. In our messaging we agreed that I would write about this on here.

Someone somewhere might say that God is not a bus driver. Or that we don’t ride on a bus. They may pull out their bible and say “Show me where it says about God being a bus driver.” But I couldn’t much care for that. When we first talked about God last year, Claire was honest enough to say that she didn’t have a faith, and so we talked about who and what God is. So for her to picture God as the bus driver some time later, and to realize she is on the bus, talking constantly to the driver (Claire mentioned earlier yesterday that she is thankful and that she prays too) and getting to know who and what he is, well, that works for me. I love the simplicity of it. I can grasp it being rather simple myself.

And even more so I love her enthusiasm to share her experience which, for me, is a great indication of how far she’s come on her journey. It’s trusting that Jesus is drawing Claire to meet the Father, and she is growing and will continue to grow in that relationship and understanding as her journey continues.

Seeds sown, when filled with Life himself, do bear fruit.

Eat the Living Bread, Drink the Living Water.