Jesus, The Inner Spring


Written by John B. Anderson in 1962, this book is a journey of discovery culminating in a life lived in the knowledge that Jesus is the fountain of life, The Inner Spring.

Very little is known of the author other than what he shares in the book. We know he lived in Glasgow. We know that he paid for the book to be printed himself, and that only 5000 were printed. We know also that he gave the printed books away for free. Other than that, John B. Anderson is known only by anyone who met him, or anyone who reads this book!

Authorisation was obtained to create a digital copy as the book is not copyrighted, and on the condition that these digital versions would also be given away for free.

Please note: This digital version of Jesus, The Inner Spring must not be reproduced for sale or sold for profit in any way. This book is a free gift, it was intended as such by the author, and it should remain so.

PDF Version

To download a PDF file of Jesus, The Inner Spring, click here.

Kindle Version

To read this on your kindle, you will need to send the downloaded file to your unique kindle e-mail address. This address is found when you open the kindle app on your device (should be under settings) or by signing in to your amazon account via a PC, clicking on Manage Your Kindle, and then Personal Document Settings. Send the downloaded file ending .mobi to the unique kindle e-mail address for your device, no need for any subject or text to be included. It is often best to get the address via a PC, as you can also check that the e-mail account you send the file from is on the authorised e-mail address list. You’ll be able to see this when you find the unique kindle e-mail address via PC.

Once the file has been sent, give it some time to process, and if you are still on the PC, you should be able to click on pending deliveries and see when there is one pending. When you next turn on and sync your kindle, Jesus, The Inner Spring should show on your device and be ready to read!

To download the file for Kindle, please click here.

E-book Reader Version


If you use an e-book reader on android, or you don’t have the kindle app, you will need the file ending .epub for your device. Check first of all that your android device has an e-book reader (not Google books). If not, you can easily download the free Aldiko Book Reader (or other book reader mdwjtp choice), which is highly rated, from the Google Play store. Search for ebook reader, it should be first on the list.

Once you have installed the Aldiko E-book Reader on your android device, you can either download and email the file to access on your device (ending .epub), open the email and save the attachment to your device. This should save the file automatically in the Download folder. Alternatively, download the file directly to your device from the browser. Open the Aldiko app, go to the icon Files, then scroll down to find the Download folder, open that folder and you should find Jesus, The Inner Spring in there. Tap on the file, and choose Import. Tap the back button till you return to the main Aldiko menu, and tap Shelf View, and you should see the cover of Jesus, The Inner Spring on the shelf. Open that and you should be reading!

To download the file for E-book Reader, please click here.

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