Because I Am Living, You Also Will Be Living

Because I Am Living, You Also Will Be Living

“Because I am living, you also shall be living.”

What an utterly brilliant promise Jesus is speaking to us. There is something very simple, but also tremendously profound here.

You might have already seen this yourself. Maybe you’ve known it for a long time. But I need reminding. There are times when simple things grab my attention, and Jesus reminds me of something which I find incredibly profound because of it’s simplicity.

And this is what has been so profound for me these last few days.

For us to be living, Jesus must be living.

And this is the best bit. If we know beyond anything that Jesus is living, and we are conscious of him in us, then we too are living! As my friend Sarah said to me, “He lives in us so we must be alive!”

We are taking Jesus at his word when we know that he is living. And we are taking him at his word when we know that because he is living, we also are living. We have to take Jesus at his word when he is saying this to us; “Because I am living, you also will be living.”

This is consciousness. This is reality. To know that in us we have the Living Jesus. Our awareness of Christ, alive here and now, present in us, means that we too are fully alive. As he is fully alive, so also are we fully alive. There is nothing dead in the living Christ. And because he is living, there need be nothing dead in us! That reminds me of this phrase which is so true. “As the One is, so also are we in this world.”

The One is totally, utterly, completely and fully alive! And our consciousness of the One, the Life in us means we too are totally, utterly, completely and fully alive. If I’m not fully alive, it’s not that he isn’t fully alive. It is that I’m not conscious and aware of the Living Jesus in me. There is no lack of Life in him. He is completely alive in every way. And desires that we too are completely alive in every way because he is.

The Living Jesus is the Living Vine. And for branches that remain, a Living Vine means living branches. Living branches mean fruit.  He chooses us to be branches of himself, the Living Vine. Life flows through living branches. Life flows because the Vine is fully alive.

And here we can bring it back, right back to the beginning of all these posts! Bread….. 🙂

“I am the living bread come down out of heaven.”

This Bread, the gift of the Father, is the True Bread. He says that of himself. He is the Bread of Heaven. He also says that of himself. But he is also the Living Bread! And he says that to us too! Let’s take him at his word. His encouragement that as we eat and drink – Living Bread and Living Water – is that unless we eat and drink of him, we have no Life in us. But as we eat, this Living Bread becomes alive in us. Fully alive! This is not some warm fuzzy feeling, or some theoretical deduction, but a fully alive Christ within us! And a fully alive Christ is living and active within us.

We are not sharing just Bread with others. We must have confidence, we must truly know that we are sharing Living Bread. Bread that, because he is fully alive in us and is fully alive when we are sharing him, means he will become fully alive in others too. This is the multiplying of the Living Bread. Christ himself becoming fully alive in each of us.

When we eat and drink to remember who and what he is, let us remember that in everything he is fully living. Not he was living, but he himself is fully alive in every way here and now. That he is the present, fully living One. And therefore he says again to us

“Because I am living, you also will be living.”

Eat the Living Bread, drink the Living Water.

One thought on “Because I Am Living, You Also Will Be Living

  1. Fully then? 😁 I ask the kids ‘full like an egg or full like an orange?’ as the fruit fills the whole skin no gap at all like air in a shell(!!i know… ) but this full is more again. ‘I am coming that life they may be having and excessive super abundantly they may be having it’ We’ve made that ‘full’ which is defined as ‘exhaustively, extensively, intimately, in all respects, in every respect, without reservation, without exception, lock, stock, and barrel, from first to last,’ full of His Life. wow!


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