“Trust Yahweh in all of your heart, and to your own understanding you must not be leaning.”

What a well known and well used phrase this is. It unveils beautifully the relationship we should have with our Father. In reality, as a human, it’s much harder to do than say. In fact, that’s like a lot of things. Nobody said this abiding Life would be easy did they……

I’ve been learning this week to trust wholeheartedly again. Like never before. And you know what I’ve learnt?

My understanding is always there. It’s usually at work in my mind. It’s usually telling me that things won’t work out as Father has said. It’s sowing seeds of doubt and trying to get me to walk away from what the Father has said. My understanding views things in one dimension. The “kato”, the down or physical dimension. It views things most often from a worldly perspective, where logic and control and worldly common sense rule the roost!

This abiding life is a life of choosing. He chooses me. I choose to remain. And so that’s the lean that is talked about above. Which way do I lean? I lean the way of the heart. I lean away from my understanding and I simply remain in him and him in me. I rest and trust that he knows.

That has been what I’ve been experiencing this week. My understanding has said one thing. And, rather than try and fight it and squash it down and chase it away, feeling guilty that I wasn’t seemingly fulfilling that phrase above, I found myself saying this.

“Father, my understanding is telling me something different to what you have said. But I’m choosing not to listen to it. I’m choosing the way of the heart. I lean to you, and I remain in your Son and him in me.” It has worked out. And he has shown me again that when we respond to the call of Jesus to remain, the Father as the vinedresser will prepare everything (and that is truly everything) and ensure the supply of all that is needed for the Vine to bear fruit.

Why would the Father, a good Father who gives good gifts to his children, tell us what to do and then not supply what is needed to do what he says? That is his responsibility as the vinedresser. Jesus knew that. He knew that if Father was doing something, there was no lack as Father had already prepared everything, and that included the continuing supply of everything required to bear fruit. As branches we must learn to rest and remain. In the face of our own understanding (or even the understanding of others which can be even more damaging at times), it’s the leaning away to rest and remain that matters. To simply be a branch and trust that Father really, truly knows what he’s doing, and that what he has said, he will surely supply all that is required to fulfill.

That’s what doing whatever he says is all about. Filling up large water pots? “Well, my understanding is that these water pots are just filled with water. But this guy just said draw some out and take it to the master of ceremonies. Even in the face of my understanding, I am going to lean toward my heart and trust him completely. He seems to know what he’s doing.”

That’s because he knew the Father had made everything ready. There was no lack of supply. Father had prepared everything to bear fruit, and to reveal his glory.

Let’s each of us continue to learn to lean away from our own understanding, and continue to rest and remain.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water.

One thought on “Trust

  1. That Pete (like many of your posts is profound) but this really registers. Great comments on the water pots and pouring lout.


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