From God With Us to Christ In Us (2)

From God With Us to Christ In Us (2)

This last week he has been reminding me of something he was showing me last year. I wrote about it in the post “From God With Us To Christ In Us.” Click the link to read that one. This one might make more sense if you do!

The basis of what he was showing me (and reminding me of and adding to now) is that, just like his followers had to, there is a leap in the Spirit that we have to make. It is a leap from a separate God who is sending us gifts from afar. Or a leap from a God with us looking after us and sustaining us with those gifts. It is a leap to knowing “Christ in me”, the very fullness of God in me. No longer being supplied with things by a separate God, but the very Life living within me and flowing through me to others. It is a leap in the Spirit.

It is a leap of consciousness.

It is a leap that he delights in us making. I am more convinced than ever that the Father delights in revealing his Son in us to us. And then, when we have made that leap of consciousness in the Spirit, he delights to reveal his Son in us to others! And that is the real key.

You see I’m realising that unless we are conscious of Christ in us, no-one else will be conscious of Christ in us. That is a sobering thought. It’s not that I have to tell anyone that Christ is in me. My very consciousness of Christ in me will mean that others will see and know Christ in me. The other day I wrote this in my notebook:

“Had this thought today, and finding that it’s true…. That as our consciousness of Christ in us increases, so does the consciousness of others of Christ in us. People are drawn by the attractiveness of Christ in those who abide.”

There is simplicity in abiding. Such time and effort and resources have been spent in trying to reveal Christ to others over many, many years. Perhaps at times other things were revealed but not him. Perhaps it was that we were trying to reveal a separate God, a God out there or with us, when Jesus already revealed the secret so long ago. “Abide in me.”

Abide in me and I in you, and you will bear much fruit. That was his promise. Our consciousness of Christ in us bears fruit. I can vouch for that. Christ himself is bearing fruit. I am seeing him bearing fruit. Others are seeing him bearing fruit through them. As our consciousness of Christ in us increases, so does the consciousness of others of Christ in us.

But what is the biggest hindrance to this consciousness? It is to think that we are lacking in any way. Maybe I don’t see the things I think I should? After all, didn’t Jesus say that we were to go out and heal the sick, raise the dead etc etc?

Am I seeing the dead raised? No. Not physically anyway. But do I have a consciousness of Christ in me? Yes. So the issue isn’t whether Christ is in me. It’s simply that as he and I abide/rest/remain, my consciousness of Christ in me increases, or expands. So my consciousness today is that I have Christ in me, the fullness of the Life of God. It is not important for us what fruit he is bearing. That’s up to him. He will do that. It’s not important what he is (or isn’t) doing. The Father knows the fruit that the Vine is bearing. The branch is a branch. It’s so very simple.

I had someone say to me the other day that they were walking in the sun, and felt the need to talk to God about their worries. In less than an hour those needs were met. They are now going to talk to God as much as possible so as not to worry about anything! It was the Father revealing Christ. This is not someone who attends church, who has had all the teaching and courses and all that. This is someone who simply wants to know the reality of Jesus on a daily basis. It is someone who has opened themselves to the Father, and the Father was able to respond in a wonderful way. I love that the Father is revealing Jesus to those who will listen to his voice. They’re not fussed about all the other stuff. They just want the reality of Jesus on a daily basis.

So, Christ in me is not lacking in any way. My consciousness may be yet to increase, but at least I am conscious of him in me here and now, today. I have ceased chasing after what I thought I was lacking. That did me no good whatsoever. I was always focused on that carrot on the stick. That was me living with a separate God, or God with me dropping things down a pipeline. It is no longer about a pipeline to a separate God, but about the Living Christ within flowing to others and meeting their needs.

It is knowing that the Father has given us fresh Bread today. Knowing that this Bread feeds us and is one with us, and that this Bread meets all our needs and the needs of others, however he wants to.

And it’s knowing that as we rest/remain/abide in union with him, our consciousness will expand or enlarge as he sees fit. And he will do just what he wants to do through us.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Rest.

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