“I Am One With The Vine. The Vine Is One With Me.”

“I Am One With The Vine. The Vine Is One With Me.”

“I am one with the Vine. The Vine is one with me.”

Now if you’re familiar with Star Wars and you watched the last movie, you will notice the similarities between the above phrase and the one in Star Wars! The above phrase is one that I’ve had going around in me the last couple of days, especially today. Maybe the Father watched the movie too and liked the phrase, but thought it needed adapting slightly… 🙂

Every time I try to move away from Jesus words about the Vine and Branches, I find myself unable to. Conversations with others are full of Jesus speaking about the Vine and Branches. Those who are talking of confusion and things being complicated are finding simplicity in knowing the truth of Jesus words. One recurring phrase is “You can’t get much more simple than a vine and it’s branches.”

And yet, in the natural, the complexities of vine growing are huge. But you know who has to know all about that, and who is responsible for making sure that everything is perfect for the vine to produce the perfect fruit? The vinedresser. The vine relies on the vinedresser for everything. And in turn the branches rely fully and completely on the vine.

Situations are unfolding that I have nothing to do with, they bear the hallmark of the Vine doing all the work. As I mentioned to someone last night, it’s beautiful to watch, a bit like sitting back and watching him painting and creating a masterpiece, but somehow being in the picture at the same time. Nothing of myself, but somehow invited to be fully a part of what he’s doing. I am learning the simplicity of being a little branch through which the Life of the Vine will flow.

Some time ago, I couldn’t get away from Jesus words about him being the Bread of Life. He relentlessly drummed that into me both in word and experience that he is exactly that in me, the True Bread of Heaven given by the Father. My Daily Bread. For those of you who read this blog, you may or may not have thought it was time for a change on numerous occasions! But there is one thing I’ve agreed with him. I’ll only write when he wants me to, and what he wants me to. And I also recognise it might not be for all who read, but maybe just for one reading. And so, if he won’t move on from something he is wanting to reveal, neither will I!

And so I find at this time that he is relentlessly drumming into me Jesus words about the Vine and Branches. There are things that I’m coming across that confirm all that he’s saying. I came across some wonderful words from Andrew Murray that perfectly confirm all that he’s been saying to me, perhaps more eloquently than I am able to arrange them, but nonetheless a very real confirmation. I’ll post the links at the end for these.

He is doing so in practical ways too. Drawing those he wants to who need the Life of the Vine. Those who need to be fed and watered with Jesus himself. He is showing me that there is no half measure in living out these words of Jesus. It’s all or nothing. We are either trusting that the Vine will provide all and do all, and that we are simply the branches through which the fullness of his Life will flow. Or we do not really, truly know that what he says is perfectly true; “Apart from me you are not able to be doing anything.”

As I’ve said before, this abiding is perfectly simple. But only when we know our place. Only when we know that we as branches are resting in the Vine. That as branches of the Vine there is no striving to obtain anything as we have done in the past (and perhaps are still doing). There is no striving to do anything, we are simply resting, remaining in union with him. That is our entire focus. We aren’t even focused on fruit production. We are resting and leaving that to him, as only he can produce fruit.

And as Jesus reveals the relationship between the Vinedresser, the Vine and the Branches, we realise that the Vinedresser is more interested in quality than quantity. Have a watch of the video below, I found it so enlightening!

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. May the Father reveal to us all the truth of Jesus words in an every day experience.


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