Abide (4)

Abide (4)

I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe that as he is perfect, so also is his timing!

A year ago today I was learning again just what it means for Jesus to be my Daily Bread. For those who don’t know what happened a year ago, read this post titled “New Hope“.

And today, a year on, Jesus is doing the same for a friend who is facing the loss of a loved one. And I am humbled to see him at work first hand. I am thankful that as he has fed me with himself, he continues to do so in every situation. He proves himself as the Source of all Life if we will let him. He is proving today that he himself is Peace, Life and Love.

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’ve learnt some more about what it is to abide. My friend has shown me what it means to abide in Love in a way I had never seen before. I hope that everyone who meets my friend from this point onward would see for themselves just what abiding in Love really is. And that as he abides in Love, it’s possible for us all to do the same.

This morning, Jesus says to me,

“To abide is not for what you can get. To abide is love.”

And that is it. I will not tire of saying this. When we come to realize that there is truly no other way to live other than to abide in union with Christ, we will realize that our old ways of asking for things from a separate God soon give way to living in union with Jesus himself. We simply abide in Love himself, and for Love himself. He will do the rest.

In fact, I’m reminded of a saying from the Cloud of Unknowing.

“Lift up thy heart to God with a meek stirring of love; and mean Himself and none of His goods.”

That is, love God himself. Don’t love him because he blesses you, or for what he can give you. Don’t love him because he makes you successful, or you have a good reputation with people, or because you do such great things for others. Love him for himself. If he chooses to bear fruit through you, so be it.

Let’s each of us continue to learn to stay in him and him in us. To eat and drink of Jesus himself, simply because we abide in Love.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Love the One who ever loves us.

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