The Vinedresser

The Vinedresser

It’s early morning, and the vinedresser is already at work.

There isn’t a day that goes by where the vinedresser isn’t tenderly caring for and nurturing the vine. The vinedresser loves the vine. He works tirelessly to ensure that the vine bears fruit.

He goes about his tasks with energy and enthusiasm. Every day, the same tasks, faithfully and without fail, the vinedresser cares for the vine. He wants to provide the best possible environment for the branches to bear fruit.

He never gets weary, he never tires of his responsibility. He knows what it means to care for something so that life can bear fruit. He is completely and totally focused on the vine and its branches, and the vine bearing fruit.

If these branches are to bear fruit, they need life. Water is life, anywhere you go. Nothing survives without water. He checks to see whether there is sufficient water. Failure by the vinedresser to provide adequate water is unthinkable. If you were to ask the vinedresser why he must ensure adequate water, he would say,

“Water is life. If I don’t provide the water of life, sunburn and pests may come. We may find that insufficient water leads to an immature plant. Water is essential.”

Yes, today there is a continuous supply of water. All is well.

He looks over the vine. He cuts here and there, pruning the branches, taking away those parts that will stifle growth, those parts that will hinder the production of fruit. Daily pruning and the cultivation of the grapevine is the responsibility of the vinedresser. He never shirks his responsibility, he doesn’t miss a thing. Patiently and methodically he checks the branches, pruning as required.

He comes across something that wasn’t here yesterday. It’s a pest. He knows the vine and every one of its branches intimately. He knows that the vine was clean and pest free yesterday.

He knows everything about the vine and the branches. And most importantly, he knows the pests that will try to get on the branches.

Keeping these pests away from a flourishing vine is essential to maintaining the vineyard, and ultimately the production of fruit for the wine. No fruit, no new wine. The vinedresser knows the pests common to the region, and to the particular species of grape too. And because he knows the pests, he also knows just how to deal with them.

“Leave it to me” he gently says. “I know exactly how to rid you of this pest. It will not stop you. You simply have to be what you are meant to be. As a part of the vine you are my responsibility. And it’s my responsibility to rid you of this pest. You’re a part of the vine, the life of the vine in you will bear fruit. I’ll just deal with this.”

He may have seen this type of pest before. Or he may not, it may be a new one. It matters not. He knows the pest and he knows the remedy. That’s just what the vinedresser does.

“It’s done” he says.

Today, the vinedresser cares for the vine and it’s branches as he does every day. There is never a day when the vinedresser isn’t caring for the vine. His level of care and attention never drops. His energy and enthusiasm never wanes.

And tomorrow he will do the same.

“I am the true vine and my Father is the vinedresser….. I am the vine; you are the branches.”

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Be a branch. 🙂

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