Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well?

Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well?

A while back a guy (let’s call him Jack even though that’s not his name) was drawn to Jesus in McDonald’s. We started meeting up as often as we were at the well at the same time. It was somewhat hit and miss, I would find myself sitting and waiting on occasions, but Jesus was adamant that’s what we should do. I had no way of contacting Jack, so waiting was what was required!

And then I was away for two weeks from the end of July. I told him when I would be back at the well.

Last week I was at the well every morning before 8.45am, all but one day. No sign of him.

Yesterday I have to admit, I was a little frustrated. I’ve had some good conversations over the week with other people. I’ve seen Jesus share Life with those people. But I was here for the one, Jack. I was frustrated because it doesn’t sound very productive to sit and wait. To do what might appear to some to be absolutely nothing but sit and wait.

This morning I said to my eldest boy, “I will sit and wait, and I’ll be there when Jack is there.”

That made a difference in me. That was Jesus.

Guess what?

I walk into the well this morning, and Jack is there!

And guess what else?

Over the last few weeks, words of spirit and life have been at work in him. There was a huge difference in him. And that has had an influence on those who work at the well too! Something has happened and Life is being shared.

This morning Jesus talked with Jack about pure and perfect Love, and how he can express himself through us.

Just after I left the well, these words came to me. He said,

“Are you willing to let Jesus sit by the well?”

Jesus is the one who sits and waits at the well. There are others travelling with him who decide it’s better to go into town and get food.

They go where the activity is, where people will be. But Jesus waits.

He could have gone into town. He was tired and hungry. There were lots of people there, a big opportunity to give Life after getting his energy going with some food. Why sit and wait? It almost doesn’t make sense in our fast-paced, crazy, manic world.

We don’t know how long Jesus was sat there. We only know that the woman turned up about noon.

We don’t know if Jesus met anyone else before the woman. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. We only know that the woman was “the one.” The One was waiting for the one!

This One is within those who are “Christ in me” conscious.

It has been said that John 4 is the future of the church. Is it possible that it will require those who are willing to set aside activity to let Jesus sit at the well? To wait for the one who will in turn bring others to Jesus? To let Jesus draw people to himself?

Despite having only two and a half hours sleep following a midnight to 3am shift, I feel energised today. This was the food that Jesus spoke of, doing the will of the Father.

And then as I’m walking, he says to me, “Don’t you think it’s ironic that I’ve told you to sit and wait and then feed people True Bread at a fast food joint?”


Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Let “Christ in you” sit by the well.

3 thoughts on “Will You Let Jesus Sit At The Well?

  1. Hey, Pete, very significant to Ruth who just YESTERDAY (the 24th) started meeting with a new group of women in our home. She was inviting them to be ‘women at the well’, allowing Jesus to live, sit, and wait IN THEM. Good timing with your/His insightful thoughts.


    1. Hey Thom, great to hear of the group that Ruth has started, and the focus of ‘Christ within.’ I’m convinced the Father wants to reveal ‘Christ in us’ afresh at this time! Thanks for sharing.


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