I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

I’ve Started So I’ll Finish


Yesterday evening was a really interesting evening. It involved one of those Dad chats that can only happen at the end of the day, the time when you need their undivided attention and they need yours. Because some discipline was required!

In the course of the chat, we talked of the importance of starting the day right to finish the day right. This led to us talking about starting the day with Jesus, and ending the day with Jesus.

And today, I’m thinking of the importance of this principle. I remembered something from the book Jesus, The Inner Spring.

“If we have not started with Jesus, we shall never finish
with Jesus.”

Recently I’ve had opportunity to talk to people about living with a consciousness of Jesus within, not every now and again, but a constant consciousness of him within.

I know for myself, this consciousness has come about over some time during the last year. It started with me seeing Jesus as the Bread of Life. I then began to consciously receive Jesus as the Bread of Life at the start of each day. The following are my words, not a formula, but my way of consciously starting the day right.

“Father I thank you that you freely give the Bread of Life, your Son, Jesus. I receive him as the True Bread, my Daily Bread, for all my needs and the needs of others.”

Slowly but surely, I found that starting the day right meant that more often than not I finished the day right. Starting conscious of him, I finish conscious of him. And stay conscious in between.

This has increased as I’ve continued to start out each day in this way.

It’s not to say that I can’t be conscious of him at the end of a day if I don’t start right. Or that I don’t at times lose that consciousness through some distraction throughout the day. But I see how much easier the day unfolds, how things line up, and how people are drawn to him in me when I start out conscious and remain so.

It can be difficult to keep Christ in mind continuously. But as we start out right, with Jesus, we can receive this promise

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.”

and remain in him. It is possible, it’s how Jesus lived with a consciousness of his Father, and it’s how we are meant to live also.

As I’ve posted about before, Jesus knew where he came from and he knew where he was going. That’s consciousness. If we’ve started out right, we’ll know where we’re going.

Eat the Bread, drink the Living Water. Start conscious, finish conscious!

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